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Dear Antoine and team, 


as you’ve outlined in our brief; you are looking for a new and younger audience to engage for Baume et Mercier. There’s a fantastic opportunity for you to reach the market of financially independent women, however, when I’ve been talking to my friends in that demographic, I saw a clear tendency: not one of them were interested in buying a new watch. But, many of them were very interested in pre-owned watches. 


My proposal for Baume et Mercier is that you transition into secondhand commerce.


Baume et Mercier has an opportunity to make a real change, for your future ad the future of the planet. You are ripe for a transition into pre-worn watches for several reasons:


  1. You’ve built up an impressive repertoire of beautiful and timeless designs, dating all the way back to 1807 - and instead of looking for waste other places to incorporate in your watches, look instead to what you have produced and recycle these beautiful items. 

  2. You have the unparalleled expertise to improve watches that need a little love. Having the original drawings and parts puts you in a unique position to acquire less valued watches and repair them to a good-as-new standard.

  3. Finally, only you can verify and repackage your watches - and that brings another level of value to secondhand items. 


Thank you for taking the time to consider my proposal. I hope you will give me the opportunity to collaborate with you and take this concept to the next stage.



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