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Conversations with Mr. Sun, Ousibei (Qingyuan) Watch  Co., Ltd







Mr. Sun works at a factory that makes MOP dials for the watch industry. He has been making watch dials for large brands like Rolex and Ferragamo.




I've engaged with him to learn the process of getting a flat dial that could actually work. Communication is difficult as English is neither of our native languages, but I did get some insights into how the process is for his shells. The shells he uses are mainly from Indonesia, and they look like abalone. It does not seem he has the same issue with these shells when it comes to the 'pockets' of pulverized calcium carbonite that I do. I learned that he used a CNC machine to get engrave and polish them, as well as oil paint. Copper backings are used on MOP dials as the dial itself is too thin. 

He was kind enough to send me three different types of MOP; quality 1, quality 2 & quality 3. 


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