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NAME: Lara Fisher, has a frequent wild squirrel visitor named 'Frank'


TLG: What’s the name of your squirrel?

LAF: I first called him 'Dirty Boy', then it became Frank

TLG: How did you meet?

LAF: I was walking around in my crocs, and somehow they fascinated him


TLG: How often do you see him?

LAF: He has a busy life, looking for nuts and stuff. But probably every week we bond over a nutty meal. 


TLG: What do you find he/she likes best to eat?

LAF: He is an absolute slut for coconuts, but then peanuts obviously. 

TLG: What observations have you done of his behaviour?

LAF: He is very quick and hungry, and surprisingly smart. 


TLG: What are some of the reactions you`ve got from people?

LAF: From social media, just that he is cute. And some comments about him being dirty, but I know he is not. 

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