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Personal observations of squirrels in Regents Park, London from October 2020 - December 2020





Main observations:

  • Nocturnal creatures. Mostly active when there is dusk (from 7-8 AM, and at around 4 PM)

  • They roll check their nuts with their teeth when they get a hold of them (later I've researched this and the reason is for them to check the quality of the nut, before burying it)

  • It seems like they bury different kinds of nuts in different areas

  • They wiggle their tale when feeling threatened

  • They are extremely quick - even slow-motion videos sometimes don't catch their behaviour

  • They are territorial, and lonesome creatures. I never caught glimpse of them harmonically together

  • They recognized me after coming there every day. I do not know if it was a recognition of sight, smell. movement or sound, or something else.

  • They must bury every nut (that has a shell), before returning and getting another one. They do not transport two at a time for example. 

  • They are excellent climbers and can climb down a tree headfirst with no trouble at all

  • They looked very clean - despite I never saw them cleaning or bathing themselves in any way

  • During my time at Regets Park, I did not observe any aggressive behaviour, nor did I catch the sounds they make

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