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NAME: Natalia Doran, Founder of Urban Squirrels



TLG: How did you become interested in Grey Squirrels?

ND: My son has autism and needs care and to be around animals. The squirrels were available and they are seen by many as a sort of half house between pet and wild


TLG: Tell me about your Urban Squirrels

ND: It’s a squirrel rescue centre, open for urban squirrels that are hurt in some way


TLG: What is the largest threat to urban grey squirrels, as you see it?

ND: Without a doubt, it is human persecution. The royal parks set out traps, although they bring in money from tourism.

TLG: What do you think of pet squirrels?

ND: A squirrel should be wild. Unless there is some reason why it cannot be in the wild, like if it fell down and got a head injury, or it only has three legs for example - then it can be a pet. It is hard work having a squirrel pet, although which pet is not hard work?


TLG: Do you know of someone with a pet squirrel?

ND: Yes many. Although, it did become illegal after the year 2016 to have a pet squirrel. So suddenly all the pet squirrels became just a little older hehe

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