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Dear Antoine and team, 



The watch I’m proposing we will design together will take twenty years to make. 


I’d like us to make a watch with a material so astonishing it’s still a mystery to scientists. We have not yet been able to copy its properties, but if we did, we could send a woman to the moon, where the material components are abundant, and she could build structures three times stronger than concrete! The material I’m speaking about is nacre - more famously called mother of pearl.


Here’s my proposal: Baume & Mercier - bar à huîtres. A no-waste pop-up oyster bar (at the riviera?). 


Your customer is invited to experience how the raw material of her watch looks and tastes. She can follow the oyster from where it has been growing for the past twenty years in the shallows waters, to her plate and then in her watch. She is even in control to select the exact shell she'd like for her dial. 


A highly customisable experience that will leave her more connected with the astonishing material, the product and re-enforce your brand’s value. A way of tackling mindless consumption, and bring your customer on an unforgettable journey.


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